Saturday, Jun 06th

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Tonight’s the Night!

1a~ Karibbean Jazz Summit at Port de Plaisance ~


Come out to the tent at Port de Plaisanceat 8:00pm and be transported to another realm through the sweet jazz of steel pan virtuoso Andy Narell and the impressive jazz trio known as CAB. Narell will be joined by our island’s own Christian Amour on piano, Jerrell Seymonson on bass, Nikita Christmas on drums and Julien Seguret on percussion.


CAB stands for a fusion of three styles: Caribbean-African-Brazilian. It’s made up of pianist Mario Canonge from Martinique, guitarist/vocalist Blick Bassy from Cameroon West Africa and percussionist Adriano Tenorio from Aracaju, Brazil.


Andy Narell is a globally known, Grammy winning talent. He burst onto the jazz scene in the late 1970s. Until that time, the world only saw the music of the steel pan as a Caribbean instrument suitable only for the genre of calypso. Andy Narell took the lilting trill to jazz, orchestra and beyond.


Narell is coming to the friendly island just after a gig in Trinidad where he has been arranging music for Panorama and directing 115 players in a steel band. He wrote to WEEKender about what we might experience at the concert tonight.


Narell: “The concert in St. Martin will be in a jazz quintet format that I often use – steel pan, piano, bass, drums, percussion. We’ll be playing mostly music I’ve written over the past 20 years. The tunes are written in a way that draws from many styles of music, especially from Cuba, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Brazil, Africa, and jazz. We’ll also be playing some of Christian Amour’s music. Some of the music we’ll be playing was written for the albums I did with the group Sakésho (Mario Canonge, Michel Alibo, Jean Philippe Fanfant and myself). Some music was written for steel band festivals. Improvising is a big part of what I do and what we’ll be doing at the concert.”


Narell shared that his music is “all over the map” as far as styles, but that he composes often, and always strives to be original and to compose music that suits the performers he expects will be playing it. “Mostly, I write at the piano, playing alone and using a computer sequencing program to be able to hear a lot of things at once. I also work out some of the ideas on the pan. I either have a deadline or I create one for myself.”


Don’t miss the magic! Come out to the tent at Port de Plaisance, tonight, Saturday, February 28, at 8:00. Tickets cost US $30 and are on sale at both Van Dorp locations on the Dutch side, and at Change Plus and Service Plus at the Howell Center on the French side.