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The Giddy Easel Art Jam

 p1A participant in the Giddy Easel examines her work.

By Lisa Davis-Burnett

 Art is culture, art is therapy, but with Giddy Easel Art Jam it’s also pure fun. Anyone can take part, the key is to enjoy the afternoon with like-minded folk. And relax!

There is something wonderful about color, as soon as you start pushing bright blobs of paint around, you feel it; your brain shifts into another mode – stress-free, loose and well…giddy!

 The Art Jams pop up on the arcade walk in front of Stone Restaurant just next to the Pelican Marina. The sessions last about two-and-a-half hours on a weekday afternoon. There is music, wine, and smiling faces. All the art supplies are ready and waiting for you. At each session the group is given a scene to inspire them. The canvas may be gently stenciled to help you get started. At break time, a light lunch is provided by Stone Restaurant’s staff.



p2A view of the Pop up Art Jam, the mood is tranquil and fun.


The day I took part in the Pop up Art Jam, we painted a seascape with shades of blue, and enjoyed wine and a delicious risotto. There were six of us at the easels, three of whom I knew previously. Two of those three were tourists, one lady and one gent. By the end of the session, I had three new friends and a lovely painting to take home!

I can hear you now: “But I can’t paint, I can’t even draw!” But the thing is: this is not an art class and no one expects you to be all that serious. The whole idea is to have fun and try something new. Unwind and let your normal self take the afternoon off, replaced by this new creature, a free spirit with a paintbrush in hand. Who knows? You might just find a hidden talent, or like me, discover how calming it is to paint – even if your finished product is only beautiful to your mom – (wait, wouldn’t this be the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Let me answer that: Uh, yes!).

p3A light lunch is served.


The Giddy Easel team and the other participants will patiently guide you through the process of creating a painting. Paint an exact copy of the template scene… or let your imagination create your own version. It`s up to you!

 The Pop Up Art Jams are planned to be once a month, however, if a group of six or more persons wants to plan a session, they just need to get in touch with Giddy Easel and they can organise a time and date for the Pop Up Art Jam together. The price per person is just $75 (Simpson Bay dollars & CC accepted. Discount for cash) and that includes your art materials, plus a light lunch and drinks.


4The final products, each has his or her own interpretation.


Book by calling Stone Restaurant at 721-580-5190, visit the Giddy Easel website or ‘like’ their Facebook page!