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~ Words of wit and wisdom from our fathers ~


By Lisa Davis-Burnett


We all have that voice in our heads that follows us wherever we go. For many of us, it’s the voice of the male figure we grew up with: Father, Pops, Pa, Baba, Dad, Daddy, Poppa, Pater or Sir!


Dads have a way of repeating the same thing throughout the years, as if they think we aren’t listening – or maybe they forgot they already told us. This can be so annoying when you’re about 12, but becomes sweetly endearing as both of you grow in years.


LisaI can still hear many of the things my Dad always said, but one of the most prominent is: “Did you learn something?” Anytime I made a mistake, got in trouble or something bad happened, he would always say, “Well, did you learn something?” – Meaning that as long as I had learned from it, it was not a waste; something good could come from the experience.


I treasure that voice in my head; for now that my dad is gone from this earth, he can still tell me what’s what. Happy Father’s Day to all!


WEEKender asked, “What’s your Dad-ism?” Here are the replies:


Gersha_and_IngaInga Brown and Gersha Hendrickson (Businesswomen & artists)

We remember Dad telling us these things: “Always ask for spared life to fulfil another day’s task. Never look at someone else’s success, create your own and be thankful at all times.”




Philip_ArnellPhilip Arnell (author of Fortunate member of a Caribbean Diaspora)

The best advice that my dad has ever given me was, “In life, you must always remember to take care of yourself first. No matter what relationship you have, whether husband-wife, father-child, etc., if you don’t have yourself straight first, you can’t take care of anyone else. You won’t be good to anyone.”




Arun Bijlani (Ama Jewelers)

Daddy always said, “Be humble to all. No matter how much money you make, keep it in your pocket, because the day it moves from your pocket to your head, it gets useless.”


Okama Ekpe Brook (Senior Advisor to Government)

Dad always emphasized the importance of a good education. Of course, I couldn’t understand at the time what all that meant until I almost failed a course and realized that not all girls had the chance to get a good education. Today, even though you are no longer here with me, I hold this close to my heart. Delivered in firm but affectionate fatherly wisdom, all you wanted for your first daughter, wealth aside, beauty aside, status aside, was that a good education will open up all the doors. That rang so deep in my pores, my veins, my blood, in every part of my being. It continues to echo loud and clear as I realize it is what I will also pass on to my children.


BushmanRoland Joe ‘Ras Bushman’ (proprietor Ital Shack)

My father was a boxer, and he always tell me a thief is a liar…because if they get caught, they will always lie to get off.


Rene Violenus (Princess Juliana International Airport)

I was raised by my stepdad, but would spend time with my father bi-weekly. They both gave similar advice. My stepdad: “In whatever you choose to do, be the best at it; it makes it hard for anyone else to replace you.” My biological father: “Always do your everything.”



Hey, readers! Here’s a WEEKender challenge: Let’s start a meme on facebook. Everyone post a photo of yourself holding a photo of your dad and tell the world one (or more) of your favourite Dad quotes. It’s Father’s Day! This simple act will have a big impact to tell the community how much our dads mean to us.