Saturday, Jun 06th

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Dear Queenie,

I was dating a guy I liked a lot and things seemed to be going just great. But then he had to go off-island for his work. He said he would keep in touch but I never got a call or a text or even an e-mail from him for weeks and weeks.

After about 6 moths I was just starting to get over him when he called and said he was back on the island and wanted to get back together, but he still doesn’t answer texts or e-mails and when I call him it just goes to voice-mail.

Queenie, what’s with this guy?—Baffled


Dear Baffled,

Actions speak louder than words, as they say. My guess is this guy wants to keep all his options open, but has too many “other interests” than you. Do not waste any more time – or thought – on him.