Friday, Oct 18th

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Manzoni officially installed as Gendarmerie Commandant

page3b128MARIGOT--Sébastien Manzoni was officially installed as Commandant of the Gendarmerie for St. Martin and St. Barths on Thursday in a ceremony at the La Savane compound.

Manzoni took up his post in St. Martin on August 1, however, the ceremony was delayed due to a similar ceremony for his superior, Colonel Jean-Marc Descoux, which had to take place first in Guadeloupe.

The ceremony on Thursday was presided over by Colonel Descoux who wished Manzoni success, noting the post of a Commandant is a difficult job that rarely allows time off due to the level of crime manifesting itself on a daily basis. But he said he had every confidence in Manzoni’s abilities.

“The St. Martin people expect more security and that is our priority,” Descoux said.

Also present for the ceremony were Vice-President Ramona Connor, MP Daniel Gibbs, and Préfète Anne Laubies who wished Manzoni success and noted the excellent work the Gendarmerie does in combating crime. They in turn expressed the wish for the population’s anxiety over crime to be reduced.

Préfète Laubies said she could sense Manzoni is “a man of action, someone who knows what he’s doing, and I appreciate that.”

The ceremony included Colonel Descoux bestowing military medals on two Gendarmerie officers for long service. The recipients were Major Lionel Liandrat, Chief of the PSIG, and Major Yves Arcana, Deputy Head of the Detectives Department.

Commandant Manzoni remarked the Gendarmerie’s military medal is one of the most prestigious decorations to be awarded to subordinate officers.

“I’m delighted that these two very deserving officers have been decorated on the same day that I officially take command,” he said.