Friday, May 29th

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Superhero Ant-Man a normal, relatable guy, actor Rudd says

antmanLONDON--Superhero "Ant-Man" makes his debut on the silver screen this month, a character Hollywood actor Paul Rudd describes as "normal and relatable" but unique to the Marvel cinematic universe.

A familiar face from comedies like "Anchorman" and "This is 40", Rudd dons the superhero suit for the first time in the film about a thief who can shrink in size but grow in power. His character, Scott Lang/Ant-Man, needs to help his mentor Dr Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, safeguard his Ant-Man suit and the two plan a heist to save the world.

"The thing I love about this character is that he is completely unique to the Marvel universe," Rudd said at the movie's European premiere on Wednesday night. "He is a very relatable, normal guy, who discovers this extraordinary suit and I think that what he can do is different than everybody else."

Marvel Comics fans are used to seeing superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and others in their own movies as well as the "Avengers" films. "It is an intimate movie," director Peyton Reed said. "At the centre is the story of these two fathers and their daughters and nothing in this heist ... is going to succeed if they don't resolve their issues. That's a different dynamic for a Marvel movie."

Douglas was also at the premiere, accompanied by his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, and their children. "It was ... my first of the superhero comic book characters, so I am not used to it," he said. "It is a little overwhelming, it is a huge production but everybody was pretty well grounded."

"Ant-Man" hits U.S. and UK cinemas on July 17.