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My name is Ameera Groeneveldt. I am the owner of Shoe Solution SXM – the ONLINE delivery shoe store for women, men and kids; specializing in large shoe sizes 5 and up and wide-width shoes. I am also the ONLY shoe consultant on St. Maarten.


Arthritis and nutrition


Inflammation can be of localized or systemic form that may even affect internal organs and structures. Amongst all other factors, diet also plays a crucial role in promoting or healing inflammation of joints. Improper foods are the worst offenders as they rob away an individual’s vibrancy and vitality, thereby enhancing aging.


Foods that promote joint inflammation

Consumption of refined carbohydrates or sugars like sucrose, white bread and lactose results in instant rise of blood sugar. Under high insulin and blood sugar levels, a pro inflammatory response gets manifested and continual intake of such refined starches and sugars leads to chronic inflammation of joints.


Our body may develop an inflammatory response against dairy products as it recognizes it more as a foreign agent. This is due to the inability of human body to process high amounts of sugar (lactose) and proteins (casein) present in dairy products. Excess dependency on milk and milk products is not good for mobility of joints.


Foods that are high in trans fats may result in formation of low density lipoproteins (LDL), the bad cholesterol that gets deposited in various places like joints and arteries, leading to joint inflammation or clogged arteries. Hydrogenated oils present in a majority of processed foods are rich in trans fats.


Foods that fight off inflammation of joints

All dark leafy green vegetables serve as efficient fighters of inflammation as these are loaded with anti inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Drink more green smoothies by using joint-healthy foods, such as kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli, in order to keep joint inflammation away. Moreover, these aid in detoxification of any harmful chemicals that may contribute to inflammation.


Luscious fruits of avocado are rich in carotenoids that fight off inflammation. Half an avocado is a healthy amount to be consumed on a daily basis. It is also rich in fats.


Probiotics, such as kiwi, are full of healthy flora that aid in better digestion, detoxification processing and fighting off inflammation. They prevent joint inflammation and aid in maintaining joint flexibility.


Pungent spice of turmeric is loaded with anti inflammatory properties and can be used in all food recipes, making them more delicious and healthy.


This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. I disclaim any liability for the decisions you make based on this information. Feel free to contact me after 5:00pm at 586-6299 for more information about my consulting fees or any questions you may have.


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