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Hotseat - Kristle Haynes

 763_hotseat~ Beauty in St. Maarten ~

People will know Kristle from the time she was taking Tai Kwando lessons. She took classes and participated in championships for more than eight years. She travelled within the Caribbean, Europe and the US and while taking part in the competitions, she surely wanted to continue travelling. After moving to the US with her family, Kristle obtained her high school diploma in Florida and then moved to California where she dabbled a bit in modelling. She later went on to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Massachusetts. While in St. Maarten vacationing, Kristle was invited by the Anguilla Fashion Expo organizers to make a Special Appearance at their 2014 show. As the date draws closer, her role at the Expo will be more finalized and she'll update us on this in time. Last Friday, September 27, Kristle did a photo shoot with Kai Design & Productions; the shots are magnificent. Photographer Amy Isis did an amazing job and took some spectacular photos of beautiful scenes on island. These pictures are part of Kristle's portfolio.

Where were you born? Tell me a little about where you grew up.

I was born in PR, primarily lived in St. Maarten, however, also moved to Curacao for some time. The colourfulness of the island's architecture stands out most in my mind, but this colourfulness is also apparent in the people of the island. Living in St. Maarten, I was very much involved in Tai Kwando; I was almost at black belt level. This was the cause for my travel within the Caribbean, the US and Europe. I represented St. Maarten at the Kingdom Games in the Netherlands, which is one of my proudest moments of that time.

Where did you go to school?

I went to school at Sister Magda, Milton Peters College and Learning Unlimited. My mother planned the last years at LU in preparation for my going to study in the US.

Where do you currently work and what is your profession?

I am working with a modelling agency in the UK; but I am really self-employed. My plans are to start my own retail Website where I will be selling the fabulous clothes I model and wear. I especially wish to market the clothing I model for young and aspiring fashion designers from the destinations I visit on my travels.

You are a beautiful model; tell me a little about how this came about.

I started modelling in California with Model Management Inc. I went for a casting and was immediately offered a job as a model scout. I was involved with sending out invitations for castings and for photo shoots. We were taught how to pose and walk for photos, how to apply makeup, etc. It was fabulous sitting in for the makeup sessions; this is what taught me how to apply makeup. The main recommendation I got from the makeup artists is "less is more." Now my aim is to work with local designers and help them in their growth.

Do you ever feel reluctant to give back the clothes? When was that feeling strongest?

Yes, I do at times don't want to let go of the clothing items I've modelled. However, I usually wear the clothes to special events where I experience great moments and I'm usually satisfied with keeping the memories of the event I went to. The feeling was strongest when I modelled for "Peculiaris" in Spain. I was wearing such beautiful clothes, I wanted to run away in them, but I didn't.

Besides modelling, do you have any other hobbies or interests? Give us a description of a regular day in your life.

Travelling is my passion. I like to visit new locations and get totally lost and make my way out. This is also how I ended up in the UK and it's the place I want to live in for many more years.

What are your ambitions for the future? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ten years from now, I would have liked to open my chain stores within the UK, Holland and Berlin. I want the store to be very luxurious and unique, working with local designers to display their beautiful pieces.

Having lived in so many countries and travelled as much as you have, where do you think you will live 10 years from now?

I really don't know. I want to live in London. I love the city but I don't like the weather; then again... who does? I do also like Asia, I might just choose to live in Thailand at some point; my person agrees more with the weather there.

If you could invite three famous people (dead or alive) for dinner, who would they be, what would be the one question you would ask and what would you serve them to eat?

I would invite Willy Cartier, Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld and would ask them: What was your secret to success? I would serve them a lot of aged red wine from Italy to loosen their tongues. The aim is to get them talking and I'm sure the wine would accomplish that.