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Hotseat - Timothy Garvin

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~ Karl J Celebrity Hair Seminar ~

Timothy is a fellow Caribbean man, who has lived for the most part of his life in the US. He recently moved back to the islands, greatly motivated to introduce the products he represents to the community of St. Maarten. Timothy is full of energy, which is contagious, and after speaking with him on a Saturday afternoon, I just can't wait to meet Karl J and his support team and see what they can do to tame my hair.

Where were you born? Tell me a little about where you grew up.

I was born in Dominica and left for Philadelphia when I was two years old. Raised by my Aunt Gloria, I grew up in West and South Philly. Aunt Gloria is the one who encouraged to me to focus in school, kept me away from bad company and motivated me to the point where I felt I could do anything when I put my mind to it.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Overbrook High School, which is the same school Will Smith and Will Chamberlin went to – I guess my name should have been Will. I used to be a member of the Youth organization "Yo-Cap" – Youth Outreach Adolescent Community Awareness Program. I got motivated by the organization's founder and director Linder Burnett. She was the person who kept the program going, bringing new ideas to the table and executing new plans. She kept us motivated and wanting to do more. I used to be part of a theatre group; I did some acting and was in charge of promoting the events. I distributed and displayed promotional materials like flyers, stickers and posters; this is probably how I ended up in marketing. A lot of the plays in which I performed were focused on violence, safe sex and educating youth of the danger of having unprotected sex and of HIV.

Where do you currently work? What is your profession?

I do marketing and promotion for Karl J and I'm the sales and marketing director for Y-Clad (high-end custom jewellery) and I'm in charge of the Caribbean region. I love networking, marketing and spending time with people, etc. I'm definitely in the right branch.

How did you start in marketing?

"Big Bob" once pulled up right next to me – he was the main distributor for Reeboks – and he said, "Man, I see those stickers and posters from Inner Soul everywhere, I need you to work for me." That's when it all started. I was distributing promotional material for a number of companies and doing very well for myself. While working with Bad Boys' promoter Rick Green, I was distributing fliers for "Unforgivable" perfume for men and women and that's when I met Pamela Brenson, who is in charge of "Glam Squad" fashion and models. She is the person who introduced me to Karl J.

Please tell me something about the seminar you are organizing?

I am organizing a seminar on Karl J products, introducing the Karl J line of Absolutely Hot Flat Irons to the island to St. Maarten. We are hosting this seminar in the Sonesta Maho Convention Hall on November 3 at 2:00-6:00pm at a cost of $75. People can call 544-4442 for more information. I do have more events lined up for next year; the first will be in the spring and it will be a seminar on hair products and styles. Megan Good and Tamala Jones are lined up for this event. Karl J is the first celebrity stylist ever to have a signature flat iron. His products are of superior quality and very user friendly.

Besides event planning, do you have any other hobbies or interests? Give us a description of a regular day in your life.

Spending time with my son; I love the beach; Simpson Bay is my favourite beach; and I enjoy being light and floating in the water. My job is my hobby. I've grown my shows in Miami from 5,000 to 10,000 people. My shows are so much sought for that I am at the point where I can increase the price for the tickets as people just want to be there. My aim is to get to that point here in the Caribbean as well.

What are your ambitions for the future? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself owning a chain of salons within the Caribbean. I hope to live in the Caribbean but I do love Africa. Who knows? I just might be there. I would like to have an organization motivating people, women in particular. Encourage women to not give up; times are hard, however, you'll still make it through.

Do you have any days off from work? What do you do on those days?

Spending time with my son is what I do. I like to relax and sleep on this day. But my motto is that I prefer to spend time with my son over spending money.

If you could invite three famous people (dead or alive) for dinner, who would they be? What would be the one question you would ask? And what would you serve them to eat?

- Beniton de Menace: What makes you move the crowd as you do?

- Michael Jackson: Why did you change your skin colour?

- My aunt Gloria: What made you love and motivate me as you have?

I would serve them my very own shrimp pasta prepared with a white creamy sauce, which I'm sure they'd absolutely love. And in closing, I'd like to say, "Love is the key to everything." It's my motto and my driver.