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Hotseat - Inga Brown


St. Maarten-born Inga Brown is one of the main forces behind the first Teachers Appreciation Awards ceremony, which will be held at L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on Sunday, June 22, at 6:30pm. The Libra-born, who considers herself a very genuine and hardworking person, is part of Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy (DADA) and Simply Cachet Events and Productions. She is honoured to be among the group of persons coordinating an event to reward educators for their work in the classroom.

How would you describe yourself?

I am detail-oriented, focussed, a bit stubborn and somehow still able to be a social butterfly and people-friendly person.

Where were you educated; what did you study and why?

My early educational development is important to me. Preschool was at home with my mother, she was my first foundation, then Methodist Agogic Centre for elementary, St. Maarten Academy for high school. After graduation, I moved to the United States where I attended Everest University and earned a BA in Marketing and Master’s degrees in Human Resource and Business Administration. I loved the idea of taking something seemingly insignificant and letting the right people know about it, promote it and push it, until it reaches the masses just through strategic planning… After being away for several years, my husband and I decided to return home to raise our family and to assist with DADA.

How did you end up being involved in the arts with the dance school and events company?

I always loved the arts, especially in the area of the dance. I remember the first time I was allowed to minister (dance) in my church at age seven. From then on, I would look for any chance to dance as much as I could… I was involved in teaching liturgical dancing before I left to further my education. Since I came back, I had several opportunities to actually work in my field of study, but my love was dance and functioning in the area of the art somehow felt right. Where events are concerned, I have always done some sort of event; whether it was a wedding for a friend or family member, birthdays or anniversaries, there was always some event I was able to put myself into… I teamed up with the best business partner and creative director to form Simply Cachet Events and Productions.

What’s the story behind the first Teachers Annual Awards?

This was a way to reach multiple teachers and to show them there are people in the community who care about the hard work they’ve been doing over the years. Through this event, we aim to esteem, motivate and encourage our teachers to continue the good work they are presently doing.

Why should all educators attend?

They should attend because I believe they are deserving of all the accolades we can bestow on them. They teach students of our island to be great leaders of tomorrow. I do not want them to miss an opportunity to sit together on one level with no school name separation, just as one body of educators... teachers to be recognised for the tremendous work they are presently doing to continually give their best.


Happiest moment to date on the job?

Definitely planning and eventually executing this event. It was heart-warming to see the smiles of appreciation and excitement so far from the principals and teachers we were able to meet personally to let them know about the Teacher’s Recognition Ceremony.


How do you occupy yourself when you’re not working?

Good question since I am almost always on the move. I love taking my children to the beach and watch them go wild. I like trying new foods and going to the movies.

Favourite pastimes?

Talking on the phone or trying to learn and adapt to this new technological world we are living in. It seems as soon as I master an area, there is an upgrade, and I have to start over again.

Pet peeve?

I really get upset with injustice, especially when it is overlooked. I don’t like when there is the opportunity to do what is right and good, but a conscious decision is made to ignore it and accept the wrong without remorse.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully, still doing what I love, dancing and planning memorable events that last in the hearts of my clients and guests. I would also look forward to slowing down (smile) and spending more time with my family.

Biggest fear?

Missing the opportunity to see my children grow up; time seems to be getting shorter and it’s easy to have them grow up and miss special times/events in their lives. I really don’t want to be one of those parents who has regrets about raising their children.

What is your favourite type of music? What artistes do you listen to?

I am a lover of various genres of music; especially if the beat is right and words connect, I will be hooked.

If you could invite three famous people (dead or alive) for dinner, who would they be and what would you cook for them?

My parents; they are my foundation and to me they are famous. I would cook the biggest and freshest red snapper and vegetables. My late grandmother loved to cook and she made the best meals for the entire neighbourhood of West End, Anguilla, but we were never allowed to go into her territory, so I would have loved the opportunity to cook corn soup for her. I know this one may be cliché, but I would love to cook for Oprah. For her, I would give real island barbeque chicken, rice and peas with potato salad. Then sit back and let her give me words of wisdom as a successful woman.