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Hotseat - Deon Gumbs

806_HotseatSt. Maarten-born Dion Gumbs is a singer-songwriter who enjoys Gospel music. Diligent, creative and ambitious, he likes a good challenge. Setting his sights on the narrow path ahead of him, he stays true to his faith and enjoys spreading a positive message through his creative work.

Where did you go to school?

Most of my schooling was done on the island. From Sister Magda Primary School, I went to MPC Mavo. I continued my studies at University of St. Martin where I attained my Associate of Arts in Business. Immediately after, I enrolled at University of the Virgin Islands where I achieved my Bachelor of Arts Business Administration.

What is your current profession?

I am currently the Managing Director and main artist of DLG Enterprises. This company greatly focuses on entertainment and home design.

How did you get started singing Gospel music?

As a child, I always loved music. My mother enrolled me in the Methodist Sunday school choir. Why I remained in Gospel music? This is because, for me, gospel music is very hopeful and encouraging. Spreading good news is really what I'm about.

What is the most challenging thing about writing and producing your own music?

The most challenging thing would be to not be able to bring into reality the concepts that are in your head successfully. So, working with the right people makes the difference. For me, the only time I would experience a challenge when writing and/or producing is when I'm faced with pressing deadlines. The process of writing and music production is a creative work, so they need time to have it done right.

What do you love most about music production?

I think the entire process is interesting. It's usually never a dull moment doing what you like. Nonetheless, the end product is always rewarding. Through music production, I've learnt to never underestimate the power of inspiration.

What is it that draws you to the stage?

That's a good question because I really prefer to be back stage or behind the scene. But from a child, I've been positioned on stage, and I guess being able to handle myself well enough with the support from friends and family makes me more comfortable on stage.

Who/what inspires you most?

There are many world leaders and native business owners who inspire me. But to be very direct, I would say my parents. Working with them allows me to clearly see how they balance business and family. Their good judgment of balance is very inspiring.

What (other/hidden) skills or talents do you have?