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Hot Seat- Thiago Mereilles!

1He is known for his flow; and the way he mixes is unlike any other. You may have seen him spin at the Orgasmic Parties over the past few weeks, or places like Sky Beach. Thiago Mereilles is someone relatively new and fresh on the deejay-ing scene; this one is quite something else.

Where are you from?

I was born in Assen, the most "farming" part of the Netherlands. I'm basically half Italian, part Indonesian; I also have Portuguese, Saudi and more backgrounds – I'm a big blend. I grew up all over: Milano (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain) and many other parts of the globe. I've not yet been to South America or Australia, but close by. This was due to growing up with my father who is a doctor and travelled often due to his job.

What languages do you speak?

Dutch, Italian, Indonesian and a little Spanish, German and French as well!

How old are you?

I'm 27.

Did you follow a musical study or anything musically related?

My family background from Italy alone comprises 600 years' worth of musicians. I was the only one not in music. My Italian side is from Milano. One day my grandmother said to me, "You either have to be a doctor or a musician." My Italian grandfather worked with big names in music. At first I studied tourism and graduated with a degree in communications. It's only recently that I got into the deejay-ing and music scene.

How long have you been deejay-ing?

For a year and a half; but I've been lucky to come as far as I have. I believe it's because I started with a very positive message and positive thinking from day one. I think I'm lucky and blessed. I work very hard, but this is my passion. I try to keep humble and low profile; let them hear what I have to bring, not what they already know.

Where has your career taken you and who have you worked with?

All over the Netherlands – Milano, Marakesh; I was The Hague's "2014 Best DJ" contest winner; I've played line-ups with Gyptian, Jayh, Broederliefde, Bollebof, Lady Bee, Dirt Caps, (Flexican) Gomes, Artistic Raw and more. I've collaborated with artists such as Zoe Tauran, Deff Ryhmz, Arnhemsgewijs, Jooz, Rae Peterson (SXM), Z-QO and DJs such as Miguel O'Syrah, R-Jay, Jael, Rancido, Deviance and Vinnybunny. Top Parties I've done in NL; R&B Exclusive, Showtime, Urban Elite, Fissa, Keihard, Massive, TT Festival, Hipster, Bliss. Top Clubs (international): Monte Cristo (Marrakech), Cavalli Cafè, Siò (Milano), Prince Charles (Berlin), Skybeach and Dreams (SXM).

How did you get to come to St. Maarten?

IAMS1 and I were working on a collaboration together, and then he invited me to come to St. Maarten.

Is this your first time on St. Maarten?

Yes my first time here on St. Maarten. I've been here for about 26 days now [at press time].

What's your favourite type of music?

I love R&B and 90s music, even if it is a little before my time. When I first started deejay-ing, I started out playing Caribbean music and Latin House then expanded. I really love R&B classics; I like every kind of music, but particularly the classics.

Describe yourself in three words.

Positive, creative, alien.

What's the best part about what you do?

That's a combination of technical and feeling. I have two decks: Sound1 and Sound2. When you mix, you create Sound3 which does not yet exist. For example, for the second part of a chorus, I will mix in the intro of another sound/song, let the crowd recognize it and then you make the power switch. That's the best part: to make the people happy – that energy, that's my bliss; my happiness. I'm on a cloud and I want to take the people there with me.

What's UK Sounds and Future?

"UK Sounds" consists of English House, UK Garage, UK Bass. Future – as in Future R&B – think Busta Rhymes, Tupac, etc., mixed with futuristic sounds. It's sophisticated innovation. I like to combine new and old sounds.

How did you come up with your stage name Thiago Mereilles?

I was playing FIFA, French vs English team. I was playing Thiago Silva against Raul Mereiles. In one of the plays, I saw players and therefore their names coming together on the screen and thought, "That's my name – easy. Why not?" When I was younger, I was a semi-professional football player, but I broke my ankle and that was that.

If you could invite three famous people, dead or alive, to dinner; who would they be and what would you serve them?

Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Ghandi. I'd want to talk to Nikola and Albert about their theories, which don't quite agree – and Ghandi would be there to keep the peace (in simple terms). I like to cook, so I'd cook them a special Arabbiata Pasta (an Angry Madman Pasta) because it'd be a fiery conversation.

Pardon me for enquiring, but I noticed you didn't invite any musicians.

Music is energy, music is knowledge. You must know what you do. Music is positive energy; that's why I invited these guys!

Any closing thoughts?

I'm glad I'm well-educated and can apply the theory of what I've learned, but I also believe in good Karma. My two platforms for talented artists – Ethnic Sounds and FISSA – were both created to give the right people the right music, the respect, and to give talented people a chance to enter a saturated market.

Catch Thiago this weekend at the Orgasmic Full Moon Party tomorrow, Saturday, August 29, which happens to be the last one for 2015!