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Charlie Sheen charged with assaulting wife

ASPEN, Colorado--Actor Charlie Sheen was charged on Monday with three crimes including felony menacing stemming from an assault on his wife Brooke Mueller in a heated Christmas Day argument.

Sheen, 44, the star of the CBS hit comedy "Two and a Half Men", was also charged with third-degree assault and criminal mischief, Aspen prosecutors said.

Sheen was arrested in the ski resort of Aspen...

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All eyes on Ellen in American Idol judge debut

ellenLOS ANGELES--Ellen DeGeneres makes her much-anticipated debut on "American Idol" on Tuesday, shaking up the dynamics on...

Avatar loses box office crown to romantic drama

LOS ANGELES--It had to happen sometime, but nobody expected the biggest film of all time to lose its North American box...

Controversial film acclaimed abroad but unseen by Syrians

DAMASCUS--Overseas, "The Long Night" has garnered critical acclaim and awards, but at home in Syria censors remain...

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New photos of Monroe put up for sale in New York

page39bNEW YORK--Photographs of Marilyn Monroe appearing relaxed and lounging around a New York apartment nine months before...

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