Friday, May 29th

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Celebrity endorsements surge at Grammy Awards

page47bLOS ANGELES--Would the Black Eyed Peas persuade you to shop at Target or Eric Clapton lure you to switch to T-Mobile?

  Marketers seem to think so with, celebrity endorsements soaring 150 percent in television adverts screened during the 2010 Grammy Awards and reversing a move away from celebrity collaborations last year, figures showed on Monday.

  An annual study of Grammy ads by media...

Transformers, Bullock among Razzie contenders

LOS ANGELES--Box-office blockbuster "Transformers;Revenge of the Fallen" and the Will Ferrell flop "Land of the Lost"...

Filipino tribe brings back dead with clothing ritual

MANILA--Members of the Hanunuo Mangyan tribe in the Philippines do not leave their dead in the grave for long...

Beyonce, Kings of Leon win key Grammys

LOS ANGELES--R&B star Beyonce picked up five Grammy awards on Sunday, including the important song of the year award...

Bob Marley's spirit lives on at Grammys

LOS ANGELES--Bob Marley has been dead for 28 years, but his legacy lives on at the Grammys.

  Three of his sons...

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