5 Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees: The Ultimate Privacy Hedge!

5 Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees for a Tall Privacy Hedge That Require Little Maintenance

Tired of the curious gazes of neighbors? Craving for a beautiful privacy hedge in your ? What if we told you that autumn is the perfect time to plant one? And to save time, it is better to prioritize tall, fast-growing evergreen trees for your hedge! Here are 5 options that not only grow quickly, but also require minimal specific !

The Leyland Cypress

The Leyland cypress is a beautiful evergreen tree that quickly transforms into an excellent screen against nosy neighbors. It also serves as an excellent windbreaker. It is a widely used variety for creating tall hedges due to its scaly and rather coarse foliage. So, plant it in the garden, along a fence, or in containers on your terrace or balcony. To form a hedge, space the plants 1.5 to 2 meters apart. Hardy and easy to for, the Leyland cypress thrives in clay, limestone, and poor soils. In winter, it easily withstands cold and wind. But that's not all. This tree sets records for rapid growth, reaching between 80 and 100 cm per year. In this case, biannual is necessary, in April and September. Untamed specimens can reach a height of 9-10 meters. In short, an ideal choice for isolating your outdoor space from prying eyes. However, keep in mind that this variety does not thrive in arid climates. Also, be aware of the pollen produced by the tree, as some people are allergic to it.

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The Elaeagnus

The Elaeagnus is a compact, fast-growing, evergreen tree that requires at least two prunings per year. This hedge tree boasts delicate, slightly fragrant blooms that brighten the garden in September-October. The subsequent berries are 100% edible and provide excellent food for birds. A hardy tree, the Elaeagnus can reach a height of 2 to 6 meters. It tolerates all exposures and has no issues with heat, wind, or rain. In fact, it can grow effortlessly in sandy soil. The only downside is that it doesn't thrive in calcareous or overly wet soils.

The Smoke Tree

An underrated species among gardeners, the smoke tree captivates with its colorful foliage and beautiful feathery blooms. Native to China and Europe, it flowers throughout the . Among the species with pink flowers, we find:- Cotinus Coggygria Rubrifolius- Cotinus Coggygria Flame- American CotinusYou can plant them as a hedge, in flower beds, or individually on a large plot. They require no special maintenance, except for a severe pruning in autumn to maintain their compact form.

Giant Thuja Trees

Thuja is another conifer that is perfect for creating a tall hedge. In fact, it is the tallest variety in our selection. To give you an idea, the giant Thuja can easily reach 60 meters, demonstrating the impressive growth of this evergreen tree. Of course, there's no need to create a hedge that large unless you live in a palace. Among the recommended cultivars for a hedge, Atrovirens stands out. But despite its less vigorous growth, regular pruning is necessary to control its growth and enjoy a well-maintained hedge. For lazy gardeners, there's the Western red cedar Barbant. It requires very little maintenance and almost no pruning. Plant it, making sure to space the plants 70 to 100 cm apart for a dense and uniform screen. Thanks to its evergreen foliage, Thuja offers various colors and textures, depending on the species and cultivar. We love the golden leaves of Thuja pliaca 4 ever goldy and the vibrant green of the occidentalis species.

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The Black Lace Elderberry

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