6 Flowering Plants to Transform Your Balcony in August!

Extend the of in your outdoor space by planting flowering plants on your balcony. With the right selection and , you can enjoy vibrant colors well into autumn. Discover six low- flowering plants that will brighten up your landscape without requiring much effort. Whether you have pots or planters, these plants will thrive and enhance your outdoor space. Let's explore the best flowers to plant in August and how to take care of them.

Which flowers should be planted in August on the balcony?

If you want to revitalize your balcony, there are several flowering plants that are perfect for planting in August. Lavender, cyclamen, pansies, cornflowers, alyssum, and bellflowers are among the top picks. These plants will easily find their place on your balcony and bring beauty at a low cost. Let's delve into the guide for each of these flowers.


Lavender is a Mediterranean plant that thrives in sunny environments and is suitable for south-facing gardens. It can be planted in pots year-round, making it an excellent choice for your balcony in August. This versatile plant can tolerate heatwaves and cold weather. Provide it with loose and well-drained soil, and place it in a sunny spot. Lavender will reward you with its enchanting fragrance.


Potted cyclamen is a beautiful flower that blooms from November to March, adding color to the colder months. Contrary to popular belief, cyclamen is not as fragile as it seems. Some varieties can withstand minimum temperatures, making them suitable for balcony planting. Besides classic pots, cyclamen can also be paired with other perennial plants, grasses, and trailing flowers. Choose well-drained and slightly acidic soil by adding a mixture of cactus soil, sand, and peat during planting.

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Alyssum, commonly used in wall and rock decorations, can also be a stunning addition to your balcony pots and planters in August. This heat-resistant perennial plant, also known as gold and silver basket, is adorned with tiny flowers in various colors. Alyssum requires minimal watering and is perfect for those with limited time for maintenance. Provide it with a sunny space, well-drained soil, and watch it create a beautiful display of colors.


Pansies are hardy flowers belonging to the Viola family. Unlike their siblings, pansies can grow and thrive all year round if properly cared for. They prefer moist and cool soil and can tolerate semi-shade and semi-sun conditions. With little to no maintenance, pansies are a great addition to your balcony. Plant them at the end of August when the intense heat subsides. If you live in a region with extremely high temperatures, wait until September to install them on your terrace. Despite their delicate appearance, pansies can survive winter.


Cornflowers are irresistible and easy to care for. Their beautiful deep blue color, sometimes leaning towards purple, adds a touch of elegance to any balcony. Planting can be done in spring for summer flowering or at the end of summer. Cornflowers tolerate different types of soil, including poor soil. Regular watering is necessary, but be mindful of excess moisture as it can lead to powdery mildew. Boost their flowering with liquid fertilizer.


As we come to the end of our article, we present the romantic and delicate bellflowers. These perennial flowering plants are easy to cultivate and add a charming touch to borders and containers. Give your balcony a flourish with bellflowers.

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