Get Ready for the New School Year with IKEA’s Back to School Collection!

Get ready to kick off the new school year with style and motivation by creating a comfortable study space at home with the new IKEA collection. Whether you're a student or a parent, having the right essentials is crucial for a productive study session. From desks and chairs to backpacks and storage solutions, IKEA has got you covered. Let's take a closer look at some of the must-have items from the new collection.

Sliding storage desk LÄRANDE (€149)

The LÄRANDE sliding storage desk is the perfect addition to any study space. It provides comfort and functionality, allowing your child to have a dedicated area for studying and organizing their school supplies. Combine it with other items from the same collection to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

White and turquoise desk PÅHL (€79.99)

If you're looking for a desk that combines style and affordability, look no further than the PÅHL desk. Available in white and turquoise, this desk adds a pop of color to any room. Its practical design and spacious surface make it ideal for studying and completing homework assignments.

LOBERGET office chair (€29.99)

Comfort is key when it comes to studying for extended periods. The LOBERGET office chair not only provides support for your child's back but also adds a touch of modernity to their study space. With its eye-catching turquoise cushion, this chair is both stylish and comfortable.

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3 models of backpacks at mini prices

Backpacks are an essential item for students of all ages. IKEA offers three models of backpacks at affordable prices, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your child's needs. Whether you choose the STARTTID backpack for €19.99 or the stylish PIVRING backpack for €2.99, your child will have a functional and fashionable way to carry their books and school supplies.

Desk organizer (€11.99)

Keep your child's desk neat and organized with the ÖVNING desk organizer. This practical accessory provides storage space for pens, pencils, and other school essentials. A clutter-free workspace leads to better focus and productivity, so give your child the tools they need to succeed.

Memo board with push pins FLÖNSA (€7.99)

Make studying more efficient with the FLÖNSA memo board. This affordable accessory allows your child to keep track of important information, such as deadlines and study schedules. The included push pins make it easy to display flashcards or important notes, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

Desk lamp (€12.99)

As the days get shorter, having proper lighting becomes essential for studying. The LED desk lamp from IKEA provides bright and adjustable light, allowing your child to study comfortably even during the darker hours. With its sleek design, this desk lamp is both functional and stylish.

Footrest ÖVNING (€19.99)

Long study sessions can take a toll on your child's comfort. Help them stay focused and relaxed with the ÖVNING footrest. This accessory provides support for their feet, reducing fatigue and enhancing their overall study experience. Investing in their physical well-being will pay off in improved concentration and productivity.

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Waste paper basket DRÖNJÖNS (€4.99)

Keep your child's study space tidy with the DRÖNJÖNS waste paper basket. No more crumpled papers scattered on the floor – this stylish and affordable basket fits seamlessly into any room decor. Encourage your child to maintain a clean and organized workspace by providing them with a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Serving trolley ÖVNING (€55)

If you need additional storage space in your study area, the ÖVNING serving trolley is the perfect solution. Available in white and green, this versatile trolley can be used to hold books, supplies, or even snacks for those long study sessions. With its small wheels, it's easy to move around and reconfigure your study space as needed.

With the new IKEA autumn 2023 collection, creating a comfortable and functional study space has never been easier. From stylish desks and chairs to affordable backpacks and storage solutions, IKEA has thought of everything to ensure a successful school year. Take advantage of these great deals and start the year off right!

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