Unveiling the Hidden Techniques of Orchid Stem Trimming for Exquisite Blossoms!

Are you looking to maintain the incomparable of your orchid and keep it in good health? If so, you may be wondering when and how to cut the orchid stems. The editorial team at Deavita is here to provide you with all the answers so that you can cultivate this beautiful flower and admire its delicacy in your home!

How to Cut Orchid Stems?

The orchid is renowned for its beauty and sophistication across many countries and territories. While it may not be a pretentious flower, it is important to take good of it to ensure its well-being. The beautiful flowers of an orchid can be preserved for up to 5 months. However, after flowering, the stems will eventually wither, and it is imperative to trim them. If the stem is completely dry, it should be cut as low as possible.

This trimming stimulates the growth and flowering of the orchid. If you notice that the end of the stem is still green but there are no more buds, you must cut above the second eye. The second eye is a small bulge from which a new flowering stem can sprout. By being patient, you will notice a small growth in the eye after the third month, which will develop into a new stem. Once the orchid reaches a height of 10 or 15 cm, you can cut the stem and plant it in an orchid mix. It is also interesting to learn about different species of orchids such as butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis) or bamboo orchids (Dendrobium) and understand the specific care required for each of them.

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How to Trim Phalaenopsis Stems?

Phalaenopsis orchids are truly impressive when they bloom. The sight of beautiful yellow flowers bursting like sunshine, or flowers in royal purple or tender pink, is a moment of pure happiness. After the flowers have faded, it is advisable to pluck them and make an incision on the main branch immediately afterward.

When you notice that the flowering period is over and the flowers start to fade, proceed with a more extensive trimming. Autumn is the time when orchids go dormant, making it the perfect time to trim them. Cut off the yellowed and browned parts of the stem completely. Remove the orchid from its pot and prune the dead roots.

How to Trim Dendrobium Stems?

Also known as the bamboo orchid, Dendrobiums have the ability to bloom for up to 2 months. After flowering, it is advisable to leave the orchid in a cool and dry place. Trimming Dendrobium stems is a bit more specific. You can cut off the flowers when they wither, but the stem should remain. Expect it to bloom again in all its splendor next year! After that, proceed to trim the roots and graft them, just as you would with Phalaenopsis orchids.

How to Cut Orchid Stems After Flowering?

Once the orchid has bloomed, there are several options to consider. Sometimes, we may think that taking certain measures can help our flower, but in reality, it can harm it. That's why it is important to properly inform ourselves about the necessary steps. After flowering, the stem of the orchid dries out in certain places. It is important not to rush to cut it.

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Instead, trust the natural process and wait to see the magic of nature unfold. The stem is likely to elongate and produce new buds. If you want your orchid to re-bloom without a stem, do not cut the stem while it is still green. If you see the last leaf wither and slowly fall in front of you, don't worry. This is a normal part of the flower's life cycle. However, there are still several possibilities available.

What to Do if the Flower Stem is Completely Dry?

Sometimes, the stem of an orchid can completely dry out, especially if the flowering period was dense. The withering typically starts at the top, and the stem turns red before spreading throughout. Unfortunately, the chances of a new flowering are close to impossible in such cases, and the stem must be cut at the base. But don't worry, cutting the stem completely allows your orchid to have a peaceful rest.

An orchid is a sophisticated flower that requires special care. If you notice completely withered stems, refrain from throwing them away in the trash. There is still hope! It is possible to revive an orchid from the base of its leaves. Just be patient, provide it with the right care, and soon enough, you will enjoy the goddess of flowers in good health and full bloom!

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