Friday, May 29th

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Editorial - Don’t be fooled

The Department of Labour Affairs is hosting a “Start Here” registration drive this Thursday on the parking lot of the Government Administration Building (see Monday paper). It regards the first such large-scale effort to get a better idea of what’s available in terms of job-seekers on the island.

As pointed out, a small or insufficient database makes the task of matching suitable employees with vacancies in the private sector difficult. It may sound popular to keep saying that many locals are looking for work, but without tangible proof they actually exist, doing so does not really help anybody.

Moreover, just being unemployed doesn’t automatically mean the person is also willing and able to fill the open position adequately. Qualifications, relative experience and general attitude are very important too.

In a recent letter to the editor the question was asked how much can be expected from the department concerned, as employers refuse to accept the candidates sent to them and still are given permission to import personnel. Whether that perception is correct or not, one also can wonder what is to be gained by staying away.

In fact, citizens and legal residents who are serious about wanting an honest day’s work should not hesitate to make use of this opportunity. There always will be matters in need of improvement, but taking some initiative instead of only complaining can go a long way.

Criticism of the current system is fine and to a certain extent probably warranted, but that should be no reason to give up. Remember that success depends a great deal on oneself rather than others.

Don’t be fooled by those who are not necessarily in the same predicament and thus find it quite easy to dismiss whatever chance is offered. Do what is best for you in your particular circumstances, because – in the end – God helps those who help themselves.