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Hotseat-Dipti Deepak Budhrani

853_hotseatMiss India St. Maarten Dipti Deepak Budhrani will be representing her native country at the 24th Miss India Worldwide Pageant, which will be held at the five-star Lalit Hotel in Mumbai, India, on September 3 and 5. The 17-year-old, Aquarius-born is excited to represent St. Maarten on the international stage. With affiliates in over 50 countries, Miss India Worldwide Pageant is the only known international ethnic pageant. It consists of four segments: evening gown, Indian dress, talent and question and answer.

Budhrani gives insight into her world and how she is preparing for the pageant.

Who is Dipti Deepak Budhrani?

I am a loving and genuine person. I very seldom put myself in front of others. I am constantly striving to be the best that I can be and still manage to bake amazing red velvet cupcakes. I am outgoing and determined and brilliant and will always do my level best to accommodate the people around me.

Education history?

I attended Learning Unlimited Preparatory School for my whole school career, excluding sophomore year which I did in Jamaica at the American International School of Kingston.

Future educational goals?

I will be attending Les Roches in Switzerland to pursue an education in hospitality and hotel management.

Please share some of your fond childhood memories growing up in St. Maarten?

Spending Christmas at the beach with my family every year, till today; I think some of my best memories were just being around the people I loved, whether it be a family dinner or get-together or school with all my friends.

When and how did you develop an interest in pageantry?

Honestly, it was never something I thought I would do; but over the years, I started to enjoy trying out new things. I did a small amount of modelling, which led to entering the Elite World Look St. Maarten, for which I was runner up; and so pageantry just seemed like the next adventure.

Why did you agree to represent St. Maarten at this international pageant?

I agreed to represent St. Maarten because not only do I get to have the experience of a lifetime, but I also get to represent the beautiful island that I come from. I love telling people that I come from this tiny gem nestled in the Caribbean Sea that is so full of life and diversity and now I get to represent that gem on an international scale. It is amazing.

What do you bring to the table and what differentiates you from other contestants?

I have a good knowledge and blend of my Caribbean culture and Indian heritage; I'm also always willing to learn new things and accept outside information.

Why and how were you selected for this pageant?

The Sai Trishul Foundation approached me due to the fact that I've always been involved in community projects and had shown some interest in the competition.

How are you preparing for the pageant?

I will be going to India at the beginning of July to train. I will be training with a well-respected pageant mentor, Ms. Rikita Ramtri. I am also eating healthy and exercising regularly. Aside from physique and pageant grooming, I will be working on my talent dance in which I want to combine afro-Caribbean dancing with Bollywood.

How do you plan to represent St. Maarten and your Indian culture?

I plan on amalgamating the two in my talent dance; I want to mix the afro-Caribbean culture of St. Maarten with the Bollywood of India.

Please give us some insight into what you plan to wear on stage?

I will be working on my outfits once I reach India. I will have two outfits for the grand finale. One for the evening wear and one for the Indian outfit round. I will also have an outfit for the talent round.

What is your advice to other females who also want enter pageantry and compete in this particular pageant in the future?

My advice to other females would be to be confident with themselves and take the time to find out who they are. It's important to be comfortable with yourself because it's the only way other people can't bring you down. Once you love yourself, no one can take that away from you.

What other pageant can we expect you to compete in, in the future?

I will be concentrating more on my academics and will be holding off on pageantry for a while.

If you had an opportunity to meet any pageant queen in the world, who would you want to meet and why?

Miss Sushmita Sen – because she is the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe (in 1994) thus bringing recognition of Indian beauty and culture to the world. It was the first time that the whole world came to recognise almond eyes, tanned skin and dark and thick hair as beautiful, so it would be great to meet the woman who helped make it possible.

What would you say to persons who see pageantry as a negative depiction of women?

I would say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but pageantry does in fact have women of both beauty and intellect.

What groups/foundations you are involved in?

Learning Unlimited Model United Nations- Founder/Past President; Interact Club – Past President; Indian Kids Community Service Club – Past Secretary/Member; Salvation Army – volunteer; St. Maarten Pride Foundation – volunteer.

Career ambition?

I would like to someday own a boutique hotel as well as a bakery. In 10 years, I see myself running my own company.


Tennis, swimming, basketball, baking, community service, dancing.

Pet peeve?

When people are rude unnecessarily and when people don't look at situations logically or from varying perspectives.

What is your favourite type of music? What artistes do you listen to?

I don't have a favourite genre of music. I listen to a little of everything from Destra and Taylor Swift to the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.