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Zumba @ I & I Fitness!

ZumbaBy Chawlyn Mezas

I love this innovative personal training studio. Great vibes! The fitness professionals guide you through the different workouts. The variety of classes and opportunities to improve physical and mental health are endless. I appreciate the seasoned instruction. They have been totally devoted since it first opened and they offer the following:






Japanese CHef expands plant-based options at Cake House!

Veg~ Free taste samples at supermarket ~

Japanese Chef Yoko Takai has brought her culinary skills to Cake House...

DASH Diet named overall best diet for fifth year-report!

dashBy Patricia Reaney

The DASH diet, rich in vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy, has been named the best...

An Example of Incredible Fitness!


Last year was a mighty fine year for figure competitor Christelle Zarovska, who...

What We're Ingesting!

probIt's got three times more probiotic strains; get this Smarter Probiotic where you need it, when you need it. The...

What is Functional Training?

desireeBy Desiree Winkel

Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel and I'm the owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. For nearly two...

Mireya J. Torrenga-Maria

Mireya~An Engine behind Down Syndrome Foundation~

Down Syndrome St. Maarten and Caribbean Foundation was formed last...

I & I Fitness

II~ 2014 year review: Ready for 2015! ~

By Sharon Freiburg

I & I Fitness owner and personal trainer Sergio Marciano...

Why do my muscles feel sore after excercising?

desireeHi, my name is Desiree Winkel and I'm the owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. For nearly two years now, I've been...

What We're doing!!!

P1230503By Claudienne Peterson

~ Juicing beets ~

So if you've been reading recent Health & Beauty issues, you'd notice that...

Close-Up on Hepatitis B

000176-0021-002850It's a very common infection in the world: One third of the world population is infected by the hepatitis B virus...

Excessive buying and mental health!

WIllem281~ Tips for shopaholics ~

By Dr. W.A. Arrindell, psychologist

"I'm not a shopaholic;

I'm just helping the...

When should I see a gastroenterologist?

 Gastroenterology is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. A gastroenterologist must complete four years of...

Disease Care or Health Care

070517d0011By Peter Amato, PhDc

Until the turn of the millennium there was little interest in how nutrition could influence...

Manrique Capriles Beauty Expo 2014

1~ Give your Christmas shopping a head start ~

It's Manrique Capriles' third annual Beauty Expo. This is where you...

2015- Your year to get fit!

desireeHi, my name is Desiree Winkel and I'm the owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. For nearly two years now, I've been...

Health creation is a choice!

inner_harmonyLiving above the genes

In 1990, two different scientific groups set forth to map the human genome. The goal was to...

Time to give thanks!

pumpkin_soup_08~ Feel good and healthy ~

The Holidays are upon us and those of you on St. Maarten celebrating Thanksgiving may be...

Glenda Severin

Glenda_SeverinSMMC medical professional Glenda Severin

Glenda Severin takes her role as Hygiene and Infection Control Practitioner...

What We're eating...

P1230291~ Jordan's Country Crisp ~

Although my favourite breakfast consists of fresh fruit (or mostly fresh fruit); I...

Food as Information!

peter_007_copy1_2Whole foods and self-care

Hello, friends! I am back home here and writing about health and wellness again. My...

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St. Maarten midday Weather Forecast for Saturday
Saturday, 17 October 2015
DATE ISSUED: Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 12:00 LST (16:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Sunday midday (12:00... Read more...
SHTA poll: Businesses want anti-ship-jumping legislation
Saturday, 17 October 2015
Click here for SHTA graph pdf PHILIPSBURG--The St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association... Read more...
Dominica’s tourism sector ready to welcome visitors after TS Erika
Friday, 16 October 2015
ROSEAU, Dominica--“Dominica is open for business and ready to welcome visitors to its shores.”... Read more...
Reparations Committee: Withdraw Queens’ names from Suriname’s highest mountains
Thursday, 15 October 2015
PARAMARIBO--Suriname’s National Reparations Committee NRCS has filed a request with President... Read more...
Ex-US House Speaker Hastert to plead guilty in hush-money case
Friday, 16 October 2015
CHICAGO--Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is expected to plead guilty in a hush-money case... Read more...
Hillary Clinton to 'look hard' at Julian Castro as possible VP pick
Friday, 16 October 2015
WASHINGTON--Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton won the backing of Housing and Urban... Read more...
Half a million Yemen children face severe malnutrition
Friday, 16 October 2015
GENEVA--More than half a million children in Yemen face life-threatening malnutrition as a risk of... Read more...
Modi to open 70-year-old files in challenge to Gandhi dynasty
Friday, 16 October 2015
NEW DELHI--Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he will seek to unravel one of India's most enduring... Read more...
Cuba in cash crunch due to low commodity prices, Venezuela woes
Friday, 16 October 2015
HAVANA--Low commodity prices, a drought at home and Venezuela's economic crisis have created a cash... Read more...
Apple's newest courtroom foe is patent-savvy university
Friday, 16 October 2015
NEW YORK--As a veteran of the global smart phone wars, Apple is used to courtroom battles with... Read more...
Focus needs to be on fighting crime & helping unemployed
Friday, 16 October 2015
Dear Editor, With all of the political situation on the island, we can't lose focus on some of the... Read more...
Had enough
Friday, 16 October 2015
Dear Queenie, My brother died years ago but his widow stayed close to our family. Eventually she... Read more...
RBC St. Maarten Little League School Tournament
Saturday, 17 October 2015
Sister Marie Laurence defeated Leonald Conner in the RBC St. Maarten Little League School... Read more...
Nadal trounces Wawrinka, Djokovic tames Tomic
Friday, 16 October 2015
CHINA-- Former world number one Rafa Nadal displayed more signs of a return to top form with a... Read more...
Junk shop photo spurs quest to confirm Billy the Kid image
Friday, 16 October 2015
DENVER--For the $2 he spent to buy three old photographs, Randy Guijarro may have hit the mother... Read more...
Few signs of improvement for NBA star Odom after collapse
Friday, 16 October 2015
LAS VEGAS--Pro basketball and reality TV star Lamar Odom spent a third day hospitalized on... Read more...
Bruney cruises into retirement
Friday, 16 October 2015
~ After three decade in cruise industry ~   By Alita Singh   Frank Bruney has seen tiny... Read more...
Friday, 16 October 2015
~ Fair Transport Sailing Vessel Nordlys is launched ~   St. Maarten has been graced by the... Read more...
Editorial - Anybody’s guess
Saturday, 17 October 2015
Governor Eugene Holiday has decided to seek legal clarity on the current constitutional impasse.... Read more...
Editorial - Time is up
Friday, 16 October 2015
With so much ongoing constitutional turmoil, the fact that more than 100 people attended the... Read more...
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Friday, 16 October 2015
Notices October 16
Friday, 16 October 2015
General Meeting St. Maarten Professional Softball Association (SMPSA) general meeting for the... Read more...
Notices October 15
Thursday, 15 October 2015
General Meeting S.M.P.S.A. general meeting for the softball season 2016 will be held at Sundial... Read more...