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Check me out - Franshelis Garcia!

Franshelis_GarciaSt. Maarten Nickname: Chely

Age: 22

City and country of residence today: Utrecht, Netherland

Occupation: Clinical and Health psychology graduate student

Recap your story:

I was born in Dominican Republic on December the 2, 1988. At the age of four, my brother and I moved to St. Maarten. My parents had already moved to the island by then. Not too long after arriving on the island, I was...

In the Hotseat - Bruno Rocha & Melissa Bardfield!

fun20stuffPhotos by Romadesignz Experimental Expressions

This week in the Hotseat, we got something different for you – a...

In the Hotseat - Rosalie Peterson!

blueRoYou know Rosalie from her 2009 win of Miss Hawaiian Tropic SXM! She is 21 years old and living as a student in Den...

In the Hotseat - Ingrid Bosnie!

ingridBy Claudienne Peterson

~ A very generous spirit! ~

We have had many memorable people in the Hotseat and Ingrid is...

In the Hotseat - Alexandra Ricci

DSC_0384This energetic and beautiful young lady has her hands full with a seven-month old baby girl, a four-year old active...

In the Hotseat - Alban Charton!

IMGP0124You've seen him at various places around the island on both the Dutch and French Sides.

This smooth-talking...

In the Hotseat - Akeem Adams!

akeemIs there anything he can't do? This 18-year old student is bursting with talent and energy. He is currently a...

In the Hotseat - Tashiann Brown!

DSC_0004Hard work and determination pay off!

This young woman is determined, poised and friendly. She has a maturity that is...

In the Hotseat - Yelena George!

IMG_0024~ An angel who eases the pain! ~

Yelena George is an excellent anaesthesiologist as well as a busy wife and mom of...

In the Hotseat - Roy Cotton!

Radio_Show_PictureHe has a heart for young people and believes we are relationship oriented beings. He wants to see young people be...

In the Hotseat - Kysha Brooks!

248470_10150197189604067_556294066_7014103_2203958_n1What is your name/stage name/alias?

Kysha Brooks

Where are you from?

I was born on St. Maarten but was raised in...

In the Hotseat - Gianfranco Ruggiero Papeo

HotseatGianfranco Ruggiero Papeo

Let's get to know this wonderful and fun guy, aka Franco from La Bamba, and the special...

In the Hotseat - Sarina Gitoroemakso

IMG_7667print~ Following her heart with her camera! ~

By Claudienne Peterson

What was it like growing up on St. Maarten and...

In the Hotseat - Roots Down Below


At first glance, these boys are not the types you would think who are out to change the world through...

In the Hotseat - Executive Chef Matteo Puccini

DSC_0157Today in the Hot Seat, we present you Executive Chef Matteo Puccini, a rising star on the St. Maarten culinary scene...

Joe Arrindell Jr.

St. Maarten check-me-out! 


Full name: Joe Arrindell Jr.


St. Maarten Nickname: Shlip...

Sherman de Vries

3St. Maarten check-me-out!


Full name: Sherman de Vries


St. Maarten nickname: Ice


Age: 20


City and...

Robbert Adriano Schrijvers

Checkmeout1Full name: Robbert Adriano Schrijvers




St. Maarten Nickname: Robb, Bobbie


Age: 21


City and...

Dennis M.C. Ideler

Dennis1Full name: Dennis M.C. Ideler


St. Maarten nickname: Peewee


Age: 20 (21 on September 9)


City and...

Felix Brown

checkmeout1St. Maarten check-me-out!


Full name: Felix Brown


St. Maarten Nickname: No formal nickname, but I sometimes...

Christella Belly Garard

checkmeout_32aSt. Maarten Check-me-out


Full name: Christella Belly Garard


St. Maarten Nickname: Belly, Stella



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